Q: How can I make a replicant?

A: You have to enable "Show Replicants" in the Be/Zeta menu to activate the Dragger which will be drawn at the bottom right corner of the friss window. Now click it and drag the frame to a free space on your desktop.

Q: How can I remove the replicant?

A: Right click on the Dragger and select "Remove".


Q: How can I edit feeds?

A: Select a feed in the preferences window and its properties will be displayed in the text controls. You can type in a new URL for example. But it is important to click on "edit" after you're ready to save the changes to this item.


Q: On what BeOS versions does it run?

A: It's been tested with the following version:
  • BeOS R5
  • BeOS R5.0.3
There have been reports that it will also run on Zeta.

Q: Is there support for other programs than "fortune"?

A: Not yet. Fortune is (for now) the only program whose output is piped into friss.

For testing purposes, there is also possibility to load local files, just enter "file://" before the filename, e.g

Yes, that's three slashes. Two belong to the indentifier and the rest is the path.