A viewer for news in RDF/RSS format that can be run as replicant on the desktop.

Please send bug reports! Any help with the translations is appreciated too :-)


  • 2016-02-29: is gone, old binaries aswell. Thus BeOS R5 and Zeta are officially no longer supported :-(
  • UPDATE 2010-04-14:
    • proper Haiku builds will be released "soon", most likely on Bebits.
    • As of r36238, friss can be selected as an OptionalPackage when building Haiku (GCC4) from source. Many thanks to Pulkomandy!
  • 2010-05-28: Note to self, fix this!






  • Ver. 0.5
    • Preview mode was added due to popular demand, full mode (incl. permanent tree view) is planned for the 0.5 release.
    • Feed list is now a tree of real categories
    • Language German popup
    • Language Swedish preferences
  • Ver. beta4
  • Ver. beta3
    • Color Adaption changing from one workspace with a bright background to one with a dark color made problems before. As you can see in this assembled screnshot, the background and text colors change correspondingly. Note: this is not transparency!
    • Preferences window presenting the color adaption options
  • Ver. pre12
  • Ver. pre10


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